Bog Oak

It is human to measure time by less than decades; therefore it is not easy to get past the idea of an original age of the bog oak wood. The counting has started since formation of the planet landscape when the rivers changing their beds flooded oak-groves by its waters. For thousand years, deep in the rivers and lakes, under seal of secrecy of wood mineralization, the bog oak has waited for its discovery.

Practically each log extracted at a depth of 5-15 m out of the mass of water and ash comes laden with a different chemical composition, which has an impact on its color and picture. The color scheme of the bog oak wood has such a wide range that it fails thoroughly to fix it in any catalogue: from straw-colored tones of ashy and beige color obtained by the wood after 500 years of its natural fuming to the deep black color that speaks for the age of at least 1500 years… The picture of each sample is so beautiful that the idea itself of human noninvolvement in its creation can fascinate.