About Us

Osmium Ltd.

E-mail: bogoakua@gmail.com

Osmium Company is a young team of enthusiasts, which has made its specialty of a modern age rare activity – bog oak processing. Our Company entered the market in the spring of 2011, and within a record-breaking narrow term it succeeded in gaining an incredibly wide popularity by becoming the world’s largest processor of rare and highly-valued raw materials.

It is all the more surprising because the whole previous experience of the firms trying to work with the bog oak was very ineffectual: business entities collapsed as card castles no sooner had they been established, while colossal resources of the rarest and high-priced natural raw materials happened to be an irretrievable lost.

How did we manage to avoid any typical mistakes and to be in smooth water in this thorny way? The most leading cause is that the material to be dealt with – bog oak – is a thing forever next the heart of any member of our team. It is a thing next our hearts in any working phase:

  • • in the phase of raw materials when only an expert’s eye is capable of seeing a future product – fine and elegant – in an ugly dark bulk extracted from the water;
  • • in the drying phase when it has to apply strenuous efforts not to damage a fretful material;
  • • in the wood processing phase when under a master’s virtuosic touch the silver-colored veins created fanciful patterns take shape.

It is only for uninitiated persons a dark timber piece – nothing more than a future souvenir or a knife blank. For those who see something more in this ancient extraordinary lump of wood, it is kind of touching eternity.

There are certainly some objective factors that allowed us to take a leading position in the selected line of activity.


  • • The team members had a serious approach to the matters related to completing the Company with the innovative equipment and materials required to process raw-materials. The availability of special equipment allows us working in a prompt and effective way.
  • • The Company prepared a well-established production facilities being in exact accordance with any points of the processing procedure required by the exotic wood – specially fitted areas and others.
  • • The Company took atomic efforts to search and restore the lost processing technologies – effective and environmentally-friendly.
  • • Much attention has been paid to finding skilled technicians capable of coping with any unconventional missions in all processing phases. Incompetence – a highly dangerous enemy in any profession, moreover, where the bog oak – a complicated material with a capricious nature – is involved.
  • • We are very attentive to little things: processing and storage of the bog oak require a critical concentration and undistracted attention. Because of a high humidity even a low thermal influence can turn out to be destructive for the wood. In our work such accidents are inadmissible.


This rare, hardly extracted wood can serve as raw materials for many products ranging from suites of furniture to luxury souvenirs. Any processed bars of high-quality natural bog oak, which every vein hides an ancient history, can result in both an excellent base for luxury pieces and uncompromising knife blanks including elements of the exclusive writing tables and trim parts of the high-priced cars.


Osmium Company can be placed orders for the blanks of any sizes to produce costly souvenirs, bits of furniture, billiard cues and others. We stand ready to offer you more than thirty sorts of bog oak which age is ranged from 800 to 6000 years. It is difficult to root out the wood with a richer texture, and it is next to impossible to find materials featuring the same remarkable characteristics – strength being equal to the stone, life length resulting from its origin and a unique color palette.

Any bog oak products require neither coloring compounds nor vanishing, after all the natural scale represents a great asset and allows estimating age of a unique tree that has got through at least two lives: on earth and under water. The presence of straw-colored hints on the surface of timber bars speaks for a quite “young” age of the wood – about 400 years, while a black color broken by blueness and having grey veins is a reflection of the fact that the tree serving as raw material for the given blanks is by no means younger than 1000 years. The deeper and more intense the black color is, the older age this exotic wood extracted from the riverbed can be given to.

We offer not just bars serving as raw materials to produce some or other products. We do something more than that. Can a knife with a plastic handle be compared with a knife which handle is made of bog oak? In fact the former with all its functionality does not have even a centesimal of the energy that the latter is filled with in plenty. One touch of its handle makes you plunge into unknown depths of the past – where it comes from itself.